HASfit is where it began for me. Stuck in quarantine with a long list of restrictions seemed an impossibility until I found HASfit. Here's what I was looking for when searching YouTube. To this day, I am still grateful for them, and revisit their videos.

  1. Low Impact

  2. Standing Workout (no floor positions)

  3. Beginner Friendly

  4. No equipment required

  5. Can do in a small space

HASfit has exactly that in many of their videos! As ridiculous as it may sound, this 8 minute video started it all for me. And I used it for a month & a half until moving to a longer and higher level workout. These are not affiliate links! Below are the videos I've used in order of my progression.

This video essentially saved my life. Showing me that it was possible to do some exercise, no matter how limited I might be. I had to modify this one a bit in the beginning to make it work for me. My mind has shown me its capabilities to push past pain, negativity, and all the other junk in life, no matter how many times it get's beat down. My gratefulness to this video is immeasurable.

When I decided to try and take things to the next level from the 8 min video, this is where I ended up. My balance was so terrible, but my focus was strong. My mind got my body through it, and saw it as a challenge to conquer.

Twisting and turning wasn't something I could take on immediately. This one came after mastering the 20 minute video. Its still something I couldn't do a year ago! Now its effortless! Twisting properly after gaining my mobility first has helped my back pain alleviate immensely.

This is one hell of a workout. Don't let the time fool you. The first time doing this one, I felt confident thinking the standing abs wasn't too bad, this one should be no problem. Think again! Stairs weren't an option for the remainder of that day. It still intimidates me, but I'm getting better, and using it after the 25 minute video.

This one is my current favorite, and am trying to master. In all transparency, when I say "master" I mean Claudia's version. Once mastered, I do some of Coach Kozak's movements when using them in regular rotation as I progress. If you don't have a lot of time, but need a good sweat, this one is perfect. There's one floor move, but it's doable for me. You only need to get down on your knees, no laying down, which is perfect.

This one is great for a bit of a longer workout, and it was my next step on this journey from the 20 min video. It's fun, easy, and you WILL work up a sweat.

Love the different movements in this one. Adding some ab workouts with cardio is a one stop video! When I don't feel like switching between videos and want to do some extra ab work without getting on the floor, this is where I go.

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