Emotional Eating Journal Day 10

8/26/2020 8:26PM

Emotional Eating Journal Day 10:

What is my body? How do I connect food and my body?

This one is a bit odd, but I'll do my best to answer it. My body is a wonderland... had to sorry. In all seriousness, it's an amazing creation, all human bodies are. The way I've treated it is atrocious, and is puzzling how well it functions.

My body is an example of my personality to some people. While I generally don't care what people think of me, it's a professional obstacle. Another consequence of my body's fluffiness is comments from my sons peers. They've mentioned a few times regarding my weight near me. I can imagine what they say when I'm not present. That's unfair to my son. He shouldn't feel the need to defend me.

Improvements have happened in the past five months however, my energy, and mobility could be stronger. The primary goal for me is to physically keep up with my son. There're a multitude of experiences both by myself and my son need to have before he gets older. Time fly's, and this body needs to keep up!

Thinking on connecting food and body, the first word that comes to mind is overabundance. High amounts of food resulted in an excess storage of fat. Food should be enjoyable, but nurturing. Overall when thinking on my body and food, my first thoughts aren't positive. Optimistic thoughts come in the second wave, I'm working on it coming instinctively first!

Affirmations are running through my mind lately. I'll have low points throughout the day. Having affirmations on hand is something I think will bring value and good energy to my life. Looking up an app tonight for that tonight, or an article.

In summary, my thoughts on food in correlation with my body are shaky. There's lot's for me to learn, and a ton of reprogramming if you will. By treating is with respect, my body's going to be a light to boast about, rather than a dark cloud hovering over me. It's time I start treating this body with the respect and patience it deserves. I get one body, and one life. This journey is in the beginning stages, the phoenix within me will rise!


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