Reclaiming Staceuosity


For months now, I've been struggling with the fact that I started this account/name with the intent to share my health and wellness journey, which at the time meant mostly physical, some mental. Not anymore, I'm going to share more than recipes, and weight loss, or gain because my journey is so much more than that. The internal rule book I created is getting thrown out the theoretical window!

Life is such a wild thing. Funny how in my experience at least, lessons keep coming back around. We may think we've learned a lesson, think again. If it keeps showing up at your doorstep, you better beleive its not done with you yet. Each time, new perspectives are shown, and learned. Maybe its not a one time learn all but rather, each time it further solidifies its structure within us. That's not to say we don't learn the first or second time at all, its that it was level one, or two of that lesson. You may discover and understand something, but in order to be fully mastered, it has to be practiced. Here I am practicing my strength, and trust in myself until it becomes fully mastered. 

Moving across the country, and buying a house by myself had the opposite effect intended. Today the original effect is kicking in. My most unwavering belief is this; Everything happens for a reason. In this moment, I believe my decline in self faith the past four months since moving has been to both humble, and prepare me for what's to come. I'm not done creating and crushing impossible goals, I'm just getting started.

From here on, this name "Staceuosity" is not a simple health & fitness name, it's all parts of me I chose to share. After all, Staceuosity was intended to be about my Sinuous journey, and life is full of many unique curves. Its high time I take my personal power back. I hope to elaborate on the past few months with everyone, but right now I have some goals to create, and obliterate. Stay tuned!