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9/29/2020 7:38AM

This video was such a powerful message! If you read some of my previous posts, you'll see my search for energy. The past few days I've been trying to change my morning routine. Through this emotional eating journal, and all my writings in recent months, I've come to a realization... Emotions Affect ALL of us more than we know. They play puppeteer in our lives. How we think and feel are the two most determining factors in each of our days. When you start to realize this as I have, your priorities begin to shift. Small changes make ENORMOUS differences. I started with small changes. I continue to make them. These small things are helping me more than any big change ever has.

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Free Energy Strategies

With that said, lately I've been searching for more energy, and stamina throughout my days. I've been eating healthier, drinking lot's of water, added supplements, and exercise. All things that were non existent in my life a few short months ago. And yes, my energy is through the roof compared to my previous self in April. However, I want more. I need more in order to reach my full potential. So, my energy has in fact been lifted by all the things I've spoken about.

Sometimes, my brain still finds a way to get to me during low times, which slow, but don't stop me. This is because I recognize them at some point, and try to resolve my mental state. Here are some FREE things I've changed within my days to help me get every ounce of energy my body can give.

  1. At night, I make sure my last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are positive ones. Filled with hopes and goals for tomorrow. Sometimes I watch a positive video on YouTube, or write down my thoughts. When I'm really tired, I simply make myself aware of my thoughts, and say good things before drifting off. Some are goals, hopes, and some are affirmations.

  2. Mornings, my alarm goes off with the song "Angel by the wings" from SIA. The verse that goes "you can do anything, anything, you can do anything." That song has changed my very first thoughts AND feelings when I wake up. It puts a smile on my face. That song reminds me what I wanted from myself the night before.

  3. For three days now, I've been waking up and watching short motivational, and positive thinking videos before checking my phone notifications. If I have to, I'll go to my laptop. I can't tell you enough how much this sets the tone for my day.

  4. Affirmations in the morning. This one we've all heard, but have you looked at yourself in the mirror while you speak your affirmations? The power coming from this is much stronger than repeating words to yourself as you walk down the hallway to grab your coffee. Affirmations are the first thing that started all my positive thinking! Small but mighty.

  5. This one is big! We can make our best efforts at the start and end of each day. But in the meat & potatoes of it, sometimes we get hit hard. Things, and people can say or do things that give us a big punch to the gut. When this happens to me, I try to become more aware of it in the "now," and stop the negative thoughts from sinking in. Yes it was a set back, what can I do to better avoid this issue in the future? Is it my fault, or is this their projection onto me. First I try my best to understand what happened. Then I own up to it, and move forward with affirmations, meditation, or a quick positive video. I move my body to get the blood flowing. You'd be surprised how quickly this helps change your thoughts. Walk in place, jumping jacks, pace. Whatever it takes to snap out of it! Because if I don't snap myself out of it right then and there, my entire day, afternoon, and/or night will spiral into something that looks pretty gloomy.

Each day I evolve further into the person I want to become. With that, I also learn to love and accept the person I used to be. Because if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be the me I am today, and the tomorrow I will become. Life may be imperfect, it may downright suck at times, but if I want to change that, my thoughts simply cannot stay down, hopeless, or negative. Change will ONLY happen when my actions do. And I am choosing to act on my faults, my negativity, and make the changes necessary to evoke the change I want to see within myself.

None of these things alone are new thoughts on positive thinking. But together, they create a powerful stream of energy all day for me. My hope is that it triggers someone's gears to start turning in a direction that creates better habits helping them reach their full potential.

By the way, I've noticed that sing that verse from SIA throughout the day! Retraining my brain is working. Small steps=big lasting results.


Emotional Eating Journal Day 16

What did I learn about food and my body from my mother?

Talk about below the belt! Well I will be answering this for two mothers. My mom died when I was 9, but hadn't lived with her since around age 6. However, many of my food issues stem from my time with her as a small child.

There are three most memorable food moments when she was in my life.

  1. At a party I ate as much that would fit onto my plate with a Dr. Pepper. Mostly bread and pasta.

  2. When I'd fend for myself (this was often) I'd go for what tasted the best to my child self, and of course it was a lot of Twinkies, and Dr. Pepper.

  3. When I was feeling sad, anxious, or upset, (often) the answer was to eat something that makes you "feel better" emotionally of course.

Let's talk about mom #2 My step mom. When I think of how she changed my foods... They were healthier in some ways, but very damaging in others. However, much better overall than the first.

With my step mom, she first switched me to diet sodas. Then there were lot's of labels that read "fat free," "sugar free," "low fat," and "diet." Meals were cooked with a lot of these processed foods that were quick and barley passed for what I would call "homemade." Her intentions were good, and she was a very busy woman, so I don't think of her as being an intentionally bad influence with food, simply misinformed.

Ready for my most memorable Diet with her? So, her obsession with giving me all these diet foods and pushing fad diets on me at a young age did give me a bit of a complex. She had me try weight watchers in elementary school, Atkins was a thing at one point, and some others. But the most memorable one for me was the Cabbage Soup Diet. To this day I have issues with cabbage mentally, but I try to incorporate it more, and reverse this as much as possible.

So I went to school for a whole week with cabbage soup in my Beauty and the Beast thermos. Nothing else. No fruit, nothing. Kids at my table made fun of me every day. It tasted horrible to me, and was hard to stomach even half of it each day. I think after that one. I put my foot down and said no more diets. This was 4th or 5th grade.

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