Emotional Eating Journal Day 6

8/12/2020 9:25PM

Emotional Eating Journal Day 6:

Looking back over my past five days of writing, what patterns or understandings can I now see about myself and where I'm headed?

I'm so glad that whatever came over me yesterday has passed. I got in a fantastic workout, focusing on my form, rather than speed. It worked much better than over eager Stacey kicking butt a bit much. By picking up the pace and getting in the most possible reps, my form was crap, my body was suffering, and wasn't recovering. Today's 20 minute workout was intense and sweat producing.

Photo Credit: Me!

Yesterday's Emotional Eating Journal was thought provoking to say the least. It helped me realize that when those cravings hit, its all emotion. My body doesn't want that junk, my brain does. Having scary photos of my past self, when cravings, or hunger set in, my focus shifts and I remember my why. Water and writing here helped save me yesterday.

So today when I woke up, it took me a minute, and my back still hurt, but my spirit came back again! Imagine if I'd eaten the junk my brain suggested!? I'm genuinely proud of myself for overcoming that powerful negative pull. I woke up earlier than normal, getting in some good productivity. Waking up feeling proud of myself is an added motivator for future temptations. Rewards on this path are greater than any comfort food.

Here's another realization... My mind was always on food! Do you know how much mental space has cleared up in my head? How am I juggling everything? Because my body is getting proper nourishment, exercise, and mental care. My time is no longer spent on worrying how a food will make me feel, or all the time spent regretting what I ate, and feeling lethargic after. I am worth the time needed to gain this new perspective. This is an investment in my future best self.

Its been six days, and I've learned so much on my emotional eating, and how intertwined it is in my life. Mental health is either a joke, or a low priority for many. Realistically, it affects everyone's life. The decisions we make put us on an unfavorable path if our emotions are imbalanced. Feelings are of utmost importance, should be a priority, and dealt with in a healthy way.

My position in life isn't ideal, and by no means am I happy with my current situation. However, I'm moving towards my ideal path in life. Whatever your goals, situation, or stress, your life is dictated by your emotions in some way. Healthy emotions = healthy body = healthy life = happy life. My hope is that someone will find my realization helpful, and inspire mental health awareness.


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