A Different side of Trauma

8/25/2020 9:29PM

Emotional Eating Journal Day 9:

If my emotional eating has a message, what is it trying to tell me?

Deeper issues are within me that cause the emotional eating. My wellness journey started mentally. Another project in the mix is a book I'm writing. It helped me discover that my emotional eating goes back to my early childhood. This is a foundational habit that became a comforting addiction at a young age. That little girl still lives inside of me, and needs a voice.

My hope is that when I complete the book, that part of me will be free. Some issues in my deep abyss pop up that I try and mend from time to time. Its a slow process, but one day, my confidence is high that I'll no longer be anchored by mental restrictions.

We try and bury trauma, its not pretty, or positive. But what I've come to understand is this. Uprooting and mending trauma is freeing, strengthening, and becomes a positive force with time. This sounds a little crazy with the positive aspect, I know. Hear me out...

When you go back, allowing yourself to remember, and feel every detail through the trauma, you feel pain, and fear. But, entering those memories in a safe place gives you a level of power. By looking back with a rational, clear, and calm mind, you understand your previous feelings better, and what you did to cope with them.

When you start to understand these feelings, and forgive situations involving them, you gain freedom, and lighter. Your fear of going to these dark places starts to fade. Fear is one of the most powerful mental motivators. If you can harness that fear, and drive it, you'll become a force to recon with. When fear no longer holds you back, imagine the possibilities in your life.

Anyways, this is one of my many realizations since writing my book, and exploring my mental health. I can speak on my acquired knowledge and experiences. By no means do I have it figured out, nor am I a professional psychiatrist. Sifting through my thoughts here, that's it! If others become inspired along the way, even better!


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