Emotional Eating Journal Day 4

8/10/2020 11:30PM

I'll keep this short and sweet because I need to catch up on the blog posts. Plus I'm ready to implement new strategies for staying on top of everything. I've got multiple projects, plus being a mom. This blog means the world to me, and is imperative that it remains a priority. Pushing myself to own up to my mistakes on a public platform is both scary, and freeing. A good portion of my success thus far comes from this blog.

This morning my creativity began with a new low carb breakfast recipe. Check out my Instagram page for the recipe!

Rest day was re-energizing, because this mornings double video workout hit me hard! I started off with the 20 minute low impact cardio workout. Moving into the 13 minute standing abs workout, and stretching. By the way, that sports bra was another amazon find! It was interesting yesterday, the past few rest days haven't involved me being a complete couch potato. Rather, I struggle with inactivity and am constantly doing something. Don't worry lazy day is coming soon, I can feel it.


Emotional Eating Journal Day 3:

This year I most want to... And I will achieve this by...

My biggest want for this year is to loose 50 pounds. I'll achieve this by understanding first that quitting isn't an option. Second, surrounding myself with like-minded people. I'd love to create a community where people can support each other in their wellness goals. Third, NO EXCUSES! Continuing to ask myself if I'm trying my best in. Being aware of my food intake to consciously make healthy choices throughout the day. Lastly, understanding that mistakes will happen, and road blocks will occur. Pushing through those times will be a true test, and ensure lifelong wellness.

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