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Talk about an amazing healthy breakfast. This one is better than oatmeal. Yes I said it! Not to mention the added protein you get from the Quinoa. I use monk fruit to sweeten it. You can find the link on my helpful products page.

These are amazing! So.. I ate these for three different meals when I first discovered them. If you have a craving for pancakes, but want to skip the guilt, these are for you! (Now I would use pan heated blueberries... recipe coming soon!)


New favorite!! Its not without my variations, but so so wonderful.

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My variations: Chickpea noodles (Banza), Spanish green olives instead of capers because I didn't have any. And I pan roasted the Romanesco. I completely winged it with measurements, & method. I love Banza noodles because they give me protein & when you cook them and rinse them properly they taste great! Oh and shredded, or freshly grated parmesan is a must for me!

This is a fantastic super tasty, refreshing & simple recipe! I used it with chips, and on cod fish tacos! The possibilities are endless.

These are amazing with a good Italian seasoning (don't use dollar store seasoning). The sour cream on top is an amazing addition to this. When I made this, 3 people devoured it within seconds! Some loved it without the sour cream. (Now I'd use Greek yogurt)

Lunch & Dinner

(I Use Mahi Mahi)

I'm very picky about fish tacos and was hesitant on trying a recipe at home. Knowing that I couldn't do the batter fish that's my normal go-to, I searched for awesome grilled fish tacos! So much healthier, and tastes amazing!

Do not sleep on this recipe! Its so easy, one pot, and has a variety of nutrition from protein, to fiber. And the taste is incredible! The cashews were a welcome addition.

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