9/10/2020 9:22 PM

This website is getting on my nerves! Good things come to those who wait, right? The site was working, and google domains decided to delete my CNAME record... Anyways, I haven't written in days, and am missing it! So much is going on. Let's see, my brother had gastric sleeve surgery yesterday. I'ts been a fight to the last minute trying to make sure he got this surgery. He's doing good since, and is on his path towards wellness. My body and mind felt drained yesterday afternoon after hearing his surgery went well.

The past two weeks was crunch time with him, and I'm coming down from that stress. This labor day weekend was spent transferring this website over, and getting my bro ready for surgery. My goals, and priorities remain unchanged, but have shifted some. Looking back on this week or so, overall I've been good. Have I recorded food like normal? No. Entering new recipes are time consuming, and some days are a bit hectic to keep track. However, balanced eating is my priority.

Some days are better than others, but I realize that I've been hard on myself. I gained two pounds back last week for three days or so. Feeling overwhelmed, and scared. Like I said, looking back, I did nothing wrong, I kept my workouts when my back wasn't hurt... Yeah that happened. Cleaning floors does it to me every time. I cleaned the floors at my bros house, and my back was toast. This was a little discouraging, but reflection has grounded me today.

This morning I stepped on the scale closing one eye, thinking it would be higher again.. Much to my dismay, it went back down to 225. Whew! I was stressing over nothing! Some days my weight loss isn't the highest priority, and that's okay! Every day isn't an in it to win it weight loss extravaganza. The two core goals are that I put healthier foods in my mouth, and my body keeps moving. In practicing those two things while under stress, or through any hectic time, my path will not stray. After all this is a journey not a sprint, and continues to get better! A weight has lifted from me, tomorrow is looking optimistic! If not, I'm listening to my body, and doing what it needs. Patience is something I need a reminder of each day. My journey is teaching me great amounts of patience.

There's something I want to share that's resonated with me for a few day's. In one of my Facebook groups a woman was complaining about not losing more weight in a specified time period, and was contemplating quitting. Hundreds of comments showed love and support, but one stood out to me. It was concise, and powerful, It read... "How many pounds will you lose if you quit?"

That comment made me want to jump out of my seat and scream yesss! Say it louder for the people in the back! If you ponder on that, its true for everything in life! Whatever your goal is, if you quit, what are your chances of reaching it, if there's no effort towards it whatsoever!? You may not get it the first, second, 10th, 100,000th time. But one day, you have a chance of accomplishing that goal if you try. I don't know about you, but I want a chance at my wildest dreams. Chances aren't always fast and in the moment, sometimes chances are taken over long spans of time. Sticking with your aspirations when it's difficult, is where foundational mentality is forms. I've lit the fire within me again through this writing. See how powerful writing can be!? Do what gives your heart and mind peace, love, and power!


Photo Credit: https://movemequotes.com/