Big News! & Emotional Eating Journal Day 3

8/9/2020 11:30PM

I finally reached 30 pounds lost! Such a surreal and overwhelming event for me. Nearing 32 years old, this is my first time achieving substantial weight loss. I'm 72 pounds away from my goal weight of 160. Below is a list of what's working for me. It's my 100% honest opinion on what works for me, affiliate links and non affiliate links.

  • Hasfit workouts generally on 3 day rotations with 4th day rest. However, I'm listening to my body, and giving it my all without pushing too far. Here are my current favorites...

  • VShred amped up my game, and gave me direction a few weeks after starting exercising. I've learned so much from them. Strategies for nutrition and fitness being a few examples. Their Facebook group has helped keep me inspired and accountable. Actually, a few days ago, I used their nutrition information to learn why I wasn't loosing weight after reaching a 28 pound loss for 3 weeks.

  • Fat Secret App- I tried 3 or 4 apps including My Fitness Pal, none of them were as good as fat secret. This one has the most free options without tons of ads. Also, customization's are abundant. Here are some images below that show my setup. If you need help with customizing your app, feel free to email me or message me on IG. I'm happy to help!

  • Balancing Macros - I tried a few other macro calculators, but VShreds is different, and my weight dropped with that one. The other issue wasn't balancing my macros. My muscles wouldn't recover if my macros weren't balanced.

  • Cutting 90% of processed foods - When going back to basics, pounds fly off. Elaborate recipes, and quick food were one of my worst enemies. I still eat processed food, but significantly smaller amounts and frequency.

  • Goli Gummys have been a surprising help. Both with my energy, and curbing my appetite. Noticeable changes began on day four. Giving me a consistent surge of energy, and that's when my cravings started to get under control. Anyways, they take a while to ship with Covid, but are worth it!

  • Imperfect Foods Box Makes vegetables fun again. Everything you get is fresh good foods. You never know what cute imperfections are coming your way! But seriously, having vegetables and fruit delivered to you each time keeps fresh produce on hand consistently.

  • A few things from Amazon that have helped me prep food faster, the sauna suit intensifies my sweat during workouts, protein powders have been amazing. I get plant based because the milk ones were messing with my stomach, plus plant based is a better option.

Emotional Eating Journal Day 3:

1. What are my biggest barriers? 2. Why do they block me? 3. How can I work with them?

  1. Fear, pride, and quitting

  2. My biggest fear is failure, which has in turn led me on a straight path into it. Fear of failure when putting my all into something is debilitating. Pride has lead me down rough paths, carrying me trough to the end.. Asking for help is the most difficult things for me. However, when it comes to something with possible positive outcomes, I recoil as protection. Realistically, I've become broken by failing to give my heart and soul.

  3. Fear is a big reason I started this blog, and my Instagram page. Continuously picking myself up, as many times as it takes. Trying my best through every minute to avoid past mistakes. Saying "every minute" is important, because when telling myself that I'll do it later, or start tomorrow. Realistically, I'm saying It isn't happening. Fighting trough the fear of judgement, and public failure each day helps me conquer fears, and achieve my goals. Humbling myself as much as possible. I'm creating a path of my own, fear of being different, or rejected won't stop me. I refuse to go another 32 years living other than happy and free.


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