Endo Life

9/20/2020 11:40 AM

Gotta dust the cob webs off my brain, since it's my first time writing in over a week. I've been all over the map with my thoughts and feelings. Hormones have played a huge role in that. Living with Endometriosis is difficult at times. Whether it be pain, mood swings, or my body becomes drained on a whim. These are some of the things my goes through. However, rather than ignoring it like my previous self, I've been addressing it as it comes. Using meditation to try and calm my emotions, pain, and energy. Along with that, I decided to add a few vitamins to my regimen. I ordered organic B-12 spray from Amazon. A few days ago I took a vitamin d capsule prescribed from my doctor previously. But I ordered this D2 supplement from amazon to keep the vitamin d consistent in my body. As much as I try to eat healthy, the vitamins needed aren't sufficient on a consistent basis. Life throws things at us all, and health is priority. My main focus is doing everything possible to become my healthiest without starving myself, or being too strict with food.

Apologies to myself, and my readers for a long pause in writing. Writing heals my soul, and is a top priority. As always, I'm trying to do better. I'm going strong with my wellness journey losing two pounds since my last post! My eating has been good, but could be better. Of course there's room for improvement. Inches falling off my body is a huge relief. Promising strides are under way, they need updating on here, and on my IG.

For quite a while, my body was handling endo well. My thoughts on this are because my dairy intake is higher as I'm trying to reach my protein goals. Last night I did some research in high protein vegetarian foods. Fish can't be eaten every day because of mercury. Something needs to fill the gap. Multiple protein shakes aren't an option for me financially. I do one per day, and double up equaling 40 grams. If anyone has ANY suggestions, please let me know. Here's a breakdown of what I limit, and what I don't eat and why for protein... That I can think of.

Protein I limit, or omit:

  1. Soy - I limit this because of an allergy. It makes me very sleepy. Also if I eat too much hives pop up, and my asthma starts in.

  2. Almonds - Omit. Allergy. Hospitalized twice for it. Swelling, hives, and respiratory difficulty.

  3. Hazelnuts - Omit. Allergy, same as almonds

  4. Coconut - Omit. Allergy. Same as almonds

  5. Dairy - Limit due to endometriosis flair-ups, and a slight lactose intolerance. (Also hate having to eat it at all, I'm aware that milk is not meant for human consumption!)

  6. Nuts - Limit because they're high in fat

Emotional Eating Journal Day 14

Q: What are my biggest daily challenges with food, and my body?

A: My biggest daily challenges with food are over eating, eating less than I should, convenience, and energy. When over eating, most times it stems from emotional reasons. Sometimes its because I'm lacking in a specific nutrition source, such as protein, or a vitamin, and cravings kick in. I eat less when I'm either busy, or because my protein isn't met according to my macros. One last reason for low nutrition is frequent nausea when my hormones get out of whack.

As for body challenges, let me pull out my scroll. Most of you know that my back is my biggest challenge with mobility, and overall physical ability. The other main body issues I have health wise are my allergies. Which I believe was a result of the harsh endometriosis treatment Lupron I was on for nine months a few years ago when these allergies appeared. I've tried Lupron, I had exploratory laparoscopic surgery where they took out eight pounds of tissue out of my stomach in 2015. And fixed my bladder from being pinned up against my bowels glued together by scar tissue and endo tissue. (I had an emergency C-section in 2009, that's why I had scar tissue there.)

After trying all these ridiculous methods, after my surgery, I decided to stop eating land meat because per my research, animal hormones can trigger endometriosis. I stayed on the regular depot shot for 4 more years, then decided to go natural, and hope my body would heal itself. So far so good. Nothing is perfect, I won't be healed completely, but I can help fight it off for as long as possible. I'm always looking for new things, especially natural pathways to wellness. Please don't hesitate to let me know of anything that you've heard of, or tried.