This is Me, Stacey!

My Journey in a Nutshell... (needs updating)

I'm a single mom trying to navigate the many curves of life. Including my own! Chubbiness has been my thing pretty much my whole life. 2016 was a good year with a healthy path, until I was in a car accident. This accident resulted in a back injury that sent me into a tailspin. Being 28 at the time, confused and distraught. Simple tasks like laundry, cleaning, walking, all became near impossibilities most days. Food and pain meds I've had many times became allergies, due to my hormones being a mess from Endometriosis.

Fast-forwarding to 2020 trying again to restart my life when... (In Cardi B's voice) "CORONA VIRUS!" happens. Feeling uneasy, and set back, having realized there's one controllable aspect - my body. Exercising had been an impossibility. Walking couldn't exceed 20-30 minutes without intense pain, and the slightest incorrect move incapacitated me for hours or days.

Determined to find SOMETHING that works, three weeks into quarantine my game plane had begun to form. Like any good millennial, I scoured YouTube for standing, low impact short workouts. Eureka! A video came up that looked achievable! An 8 minute low impact standing workout! Remember that's 8 minutes previously spent binge watching Netflix, or taking brisk strolls to the kitchen.

Believe it or not, this short exercise was difficult for me to master. At times I had either over done it, or twisted the wrong way. After accomplishing the 8 minute video, I ventured trough the same channel and found a 20 minute workout, which I still use.

Two months passed since April and I was seven pounds down. Reaching a standstill, amping up my game was the logical next step. After searching Google, I found VShred. The program is working for me with a few modifications further described in my posts.

My VShred journey began May 11th. I'm aware that my progress will be slower than most due to modifications. However, I haven't seen myself at this weight in 4 years, and thought weight-loss was an impossibility. Feeling victorious, I know that my goal of getting into a size 10 or maybe size 9 jeans is attainable!

While I'm not a health professional, you're welcome to accompany me on this sinuous journey. I'll be posting as much as possible, hoping to find kindred souls along the way. Did I mention, Cooking and baking are hobbies of mine? Plenty recipes, and nutrition ideas will be throughout. Feel free to leave a comment or two, It would make a world of difference to me!