My Favorite Things

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things...

The following are items, and services I wish I knew of before beginning my wellness journey!

If I'd known about these prior to starting my weight loss journey, pounds and inches would've melted quicker. But, I'm not complaining because they have, and continue to help me immensely. I took the time to research, read labels, reviews, and go through some trial & error to find these products. Some are food, some tools.

I truly hope these help someone else as much, if not more than they have for me!


Monkfruit is so underrated! No sugar. No glycemic Index. All natural plant leaf extract. No harmful side effects. This brand is free from erythritol & other artificial sweeteners. I try to stay away from those at all cost. So many monkfruit brands use them, I'll never understand why. Do your research!

These are so handy. Its cheap, and compact! You get both the cups and spoons measurements. I was tired of my Pyrex dropping and shattering on the floor, so I saw this and use them every day. When you start measuring your food, that's when real progress happens. We tend to have a heavy hand in serving sizes. These make it quick and easy for me.

Don't underestimate their power! A little goes a long way. These are packed with protein, which helps especially as a mostly plant based eater. I've added them to smoothies, breakfast quinoa, and on their own. This bag is pretty decent size, and will go a long way.

Saving my carb loving self, these should be closer to the top. Burritos, and quesadillas are no longer out of the question with these! They last a long time in the fridge. Both the original, and spinach wrap are fantastic! They're too thin to throw on the burner FYI, but you can easily heat them in a pan.

Amazon doesn't have these but you can find them at most grocery stores. These are big corn tortillas, and only 15g of carbs! They are a big help, without sacrificing taste. I'll use one or two, and that's plenty. Can you tell I love tortillas?😂

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