Major Perseverance

9/1/2020 11:30PM PST

As I finish this workout with tears in my eyes, my hands felt compelled to get over here and start typing. These are tears of joy, disbelief, relief, success, hard work, and perseverance. Each time I break through another barrier, a surge of emotions and energy come over me. I'm so damn proud of myself. No matter what anyone says from here on out, whether its my subconscious, family, friend, or stranger. This's my fight, and I WILL win!

You're wondering what triggered this overwhelming rush of emotions. So, I've been doing one 20-30 minute workout each day since April. It was 8 minutes at first. Anyways, for a month, my goal has been to complete a 17 minute leg workout with a 20 minute total body video. The one time doing the 17 minute video, I was so fatigued, my legs could barley stand, and the following day was a rest day. Scared as hell again of failing, I decided to go for it, regardless if my body makes it to the end. Guess what, I made it all the way through with water bottles as weights on both workouts, with good form! My legs were shaking by the third move in the leg video (second video), and it was all heart from there on.

These legs may wobble down the stairs, but I'll double up on my protein shake like yesterday, and recover these legs for tomorrow. Accomplishing another previous impossibility, I'm going for the 20 minute, plus 13 minute ab workout after. 😬 My body may stumble, and shake, but I will rise. There's no stopping me. This body is getting the respect it deserves, and get into the best shape ever. Size 10 is my goal, or 160 pounds. When I reach it I'll let you know if that's where I'll stay. 189 was my lowest adult weight, and I was in good shape. To be continued tomorrow!


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