Dear Body I love you Because...

Emotional Eating Journal Day 12:

Dear body, I love you because...

Wow, my immediate reaction to this was no bueno! Come on Stacey, get it together girl, positive thoughts! I'm glad this question is being asked. It's pretty apparent I need to say nice things to myself about my body. Here we go, I'll give it my best shot!

I love you body because (immediately my thoughts are going deep, get ready)... You've gotten me through many rough situations. Healing powers within you are amazing. It's because of the trauma you went through alongside my mind at a young age that I know my capabilities today. It's evident to me that I'm capable of greatness because of you!

Thank you for nurturing my son for 9 months. Handling the flutters and kicks that brought me such joy, with grace. Seeing me through the complications of my son's birth. After 18 hours of hard labor, only to have an emergency c-section when both of us were at death's door. Getting me to the other end of the hospital to see my son in the NICU when the 24 hour mark struck, and nurses allowed me to get out of bed. You stumbled, but pushed through immense pain, and got me to him, for which I'll be forever grateful.

Lastly, I love you for being so forgiving. Thank you for continuing to let me exercise, and get this weight off that's been holding you back for years. The promise I make to you is that I'll never treat you with disrespect again. You are my temple, and my intentions are to extend the length of your life, and ensure maintenance is well kept throughout that journey. I give you my sincerest regrets for mistreating you, and stuffing you with garbage when you repeatedly told me to stop. My gratitude is boundless for carrying me through life, allowing me to fall and rise, to create new memories each day, and to enjoy everything life has to offer! Thrilling adventures await us!


I'm going to let you in on a fun little secret. When my new friend Lea sent me the Pinterest photo for the emotional eating journal, I was so excited, but only skimmed through the questions. My then brave self decided "oh yeah I'm going to do this on my PUBLIC blog😄." This journal has pushed me to dig deep, and publicly no less. The plus side is that I'm opening up, practicing my bravery, building communication skills, and keeping myself accountable.

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