Get it Together


Wow, it's been such a long time. It feels like longer. Since the first weekend in October I've been pretty much completely out of balance. I let one thing be my gateway excuse to many questionable choices. I'm sure that I've gained a few pounds back. I was maintaining the same weight until this weekend. My eating went a bit off the deep end. However, I can't let all that be a reason to quit. Failure is not an option. I came back here to write because in my heart I know this is what will get me back on track.

Today's been a negative juju day. For whatever reason, I felt stressed, out of whack, anxious, and depressed. I need to get back into a healthy routine. Tomorrow morning it's back to working out, and drinking my shakes. I'm developing a plan for my day as I sit here typing. This morning I listened to a motivational video, but didn't follow my routine. That was my only piece, and one piece does not work when trying to put the whole puzzle together.

I'm not going to get into my feelings tonight, because finally I feel good right now. I have things cleaned up enough to feel better, my clothes are picked out, I'm ready for bed, nice and clean, pj's on, developing my plan for tomorrow. I'm actually going to cut this short because I want to get up early and get it done! I know I'm going to have to get into my feelings soon. Today is not the day. Today is the day to rise up and do something about making change happen in my life. Falling only becomes failure if I let it continue and turn into quitting. Not today!